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The oldest brewery in the Nordics since 1819

About us

197-year old Sinebrychoff, the leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks in Finland, also offers a comprehensive selection of international beers as well as a wide range of other alcoholic beverages through its partners. Sinebrychoff began its brewing operation in 1819 and is today the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and the oldest foodstuff company in Finland. Sinebrychoff produces Coca-Cola beverages in Finland. Sinebrychoff is part of the international Carlsberg Group.

Our commitment is to create value and great moments for our consumers, customers and distribution partners with our high quality brands.

Want to be our authorized distribution partner?

We are continuously looking for international Business Partners with a solid target market knowhow and strong distribution network. Please contact us, if you are interested in becoming an Authorized Distributor of our high quality beverages from Finland.

Karhu - the number one beer in Finland

The bear is the National Animal of Finland and part of our Mythology – an age old symbol of strength and mystical power.

Karhu Premium Lager is refreshing, tasty and most beloved beer in Finland – the country of forests and lakes filled with fresh and pure water, perfect for brewing a premium lager beer.

That is why Karhu is brewed with untouched and pure water from Lake Päijänne and the finest barley malt from the beautiful farm fields of Finland.

Karhu saw the light of the day in the 1920s and the brand took its existing form in 1961

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Crowmoor - Premium Nordic Apple Cider

The inspiration for Crowmoor Apple Cider  has always been the mystique of the Nordic  nature, providing a fruitful apple harvest.

The Nordic apple trees need to survive  through the stark contrast of the four seasons;  from the idyllic conditions of endless summer  days to harsh polar nights when the land is  covered in frost and snow.

With great skill and patience,

we cultivate the strong and rich taste from  the unique Nordic apples to give you a  memorable, refreshing moment with  Crowmoor Apple Cider.

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Battery Energy Drink - The Finnish Pioneer

Battery Energy Drink pioneers the energy drink category with Multi-Functional Performance and Natural Energy to meet the new global consumer trends.

Battery Energy Drink is providing pure energy for all moments of the day.

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Sinebrychoff Classic Long Drink - A real taste of Finland

Gin & Grapefruit long drinks have a strong tradition in Finland. Sinebrychoff Classic honours this great Finnish tradition by bringing you what we believe to be the best tasting Gin & Grapefruit Long Drink of all time.

A Finnish Classic!

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Sinebrychoff Porter - The King of Taste

Sinebrychoff fermented its fist porter in the 1860s. Since 1957, Sinebrychoff Porter has been respected Sinebrychoff beer brand and is unique in Finnish beer culture.

Sinebrychoff Porter is a true taste sensation for beer lovers.

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